About Pumpkintown VillageIn the Beginning

The pumpkinheads first appeared at Paul’s & Sandy’s Too in East Hampton Connecticut in 1990 with the arrival of Leroy Butternut and Penelope Parton. Their population grew with each passing year, and the people of East Hampton welcomed each new resident with open arms. In 1993, when their population reached 38, the pumpkinheads asked Paul & Sandy if they could build a town at their business. Paul & Sandy were thrilled that the pumpkinheads wanted to stay and quickly agreed.

The pumpkinheads worked night and day to build a complete village for themselves. Pumpkintown USA, the town they now called home included a fast food restaurant called Mac Pumpkins, a Saloon, a Jail, a Church a country store, and of course, a farm.

Pumpkintown became so popular with the people of East Hampton, word quickly got out and before long folks were traveling quite some distance to visit the pumpkinheads in their unique village.

Over the years Pumpkintown USA continued to grow in both scale and population. And it’s popularity as a premiere non-scary Fall destination continues to grow too. As many as 25,000 people visit Pumpkintown USA in the six weeks that it is open.

About Paul's & Sandy's Too

Pumpkintown Forever

In 2007 Sandra Peszynski, the co-founder of Paul’s & Sandy’s Too and Pumpkintown U.S.A. passed away after a 25 year battle with breast cancer. Sandy played a huge role in creating, naming and dressing the many characters of Pumpkintown, and remains the inspiration for Pumpkintown to this day. In honor of Sandy’s memory, her family decided that not only will Pumpkintown be open to visitors every Fall, but also, a portion of the funds raised through admission to Pumpkintown will be donated to The Sandy Peszynski Breast Cancer Foundation.

To learn more about the foundation named in Sandy’s honor, visit http://www.spbcf.com/